Soquel Canyon Mitigation Bank

Baseline Surveys, Restoration Planning, and Bank Entitlement


  • Identify the presence and extent of sensitive biological resources within the property
  • Establish a biologically and financially sound mitigation bank strategy
  • Obtain approval of the first stream mitigation bank in California

Soquel canyon open space mitigation bank

Project Description

In 2012, WRA began working with Land Veritas to develop the state’s first stream mitigation bank. WRA completed numerous biological studies within the 300-acre Soquel Canyon property in Chino Hills, California, to identify sensitive biological resources with potential market value for mitigation credits. WRA identified several special-status species and sensitive habitats at the site, as well as additional species which might utilize the property if particular habitats were restored. These resources include streams, riparian corridors, coastal sage scrub, California walnut woodland, oak woodland, and habitat for least Bell’s vireo and California gnatcatcher.

soquel canyon biological resources assessment

Soquel Canyon Tree Riparian Habitat






WRA determined the appropriate service area for these resources and conducted market feasibility studies to analyze the historic and future supply and demand for mitigation within this service area. Upon determining that there was sufficient demand for the bank’s resources and that the bank could be economically viable, WRA created a bank entitlement and crediting strategy to achieve project approval from the regulatory agencies. This bank is currently going through the final stages of agency review and is expected to be approved in early 2013.


  • Biological Resources Inventory
  • Wetland Delineation
  • Special-Status Bird Surveys
  • Stream Crediting Methodology
  • Stream Restoration Plan
  • Bank Entitlement Documents
  • Agency Presentations